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If your furnace has black or silver pipe, it will need to be replaced for your new high efficiency furnace.
This helps us estimate the length of exhaust and air intake pipe to expect to install.
Sizing your furnace is critical. If the furnace is too small it may not be able to heat your house during the coldest days of the year. Over-sizing a furnace can lead to wasted upfront costs.
Less than 1500 sqft
1500 - 2000 sqft
2000 - 2500 sqft
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Older and unrenovated houses are insulated less efficiently than houses built today. These houses require higher output furnaces to ensure appropiate levels of heat can be supplied.
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Modern furnaces produce condensation when operating. This needs to go somewhere, if there is no drain we can pump it into the sanitation system, however this requires the addition of a condensation pump.